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Yet little did the mourners realize that Zoey had in fact been later that afternoon - a full four miles away.Zoey's rescuer was Christina Hartman, 51, who said she was driving on a snow-covered back road when she came across a furry white lump ahead of her, prompting her to pull over and investigate.'I notice this little frozen dog, icicles hanging from all over. She picked up the wounded and bedraggled animal, wrapped it in a blanket and took her home, feeding it two bowls of chicken-and-rice soup as she did so.Dennis Locke , his wife and three young children came to the arena to hang posters of forward Jaxon Joseph , who was the son of former NHL player Chris Joseph .

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"This is going to be a long haul for us." Norman Mattock , a longtime season ticket holder, said his neighbor housed player Morgan Gobeil , a defenseman who was severely injured.

Three players who stayed with the same family all died in the crash, Mattock added.

President Donald Trump plans to confer with senior military leaders Monday, after he threatened a "big price to pay" for a suspected poison gas attack in Syria that killed women and children.

Trump was set to get a briefing and have dinner with military leaders.

"To sit and hold the hand of a lifeless body," he said. I'm a pastor, I'm supposed to have something." The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the driver of the truck that hit the bus was initially detained but later released and provided with mental health assistance. Pictures of the dead and injured stood in front of the audience.

"All I saw was darkness and hurt and anguish and fear and confusion. Police have given no cause for the wreck, saying a lot of issues remained to be investigated, including weather conditions at the time and any mechanical issues with the vehicles. Nick Shumlanski , an injured player who was released from the hospital, attended the vigil wearing his white, green and yellow team jersey, with a bruise under his left eye.

Team President Kevin Garinger choked back tears as he read out the names of the 15 dead to those at the vigil. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the injured at the hospital Sunday and then attended the vigil.

He sat among the crowd with his 11-year-old son, Xavier, who is a hockey player On the arena's front steps, one tribute included a Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner box, which was a favorite meal of Evan Thomas , a forward who died in the crash.

Jawari had previously resisted calls for his resignation, which came hours before legislators were due to start proceedings on a vote of no confidence against him. reaction to the apparent chemical attack in Syria (all times local): a.m. At a photo-taking session in the Pentagon before a meeting with the emir of Qatar on Monday, Mattis said the Trump administration is consulting with allies in Europe , the Middle East and elsewhere. Russia was a guarantor of a deal the Obama administration struck in 2013 in which Syria was to have removed all of its chemical weapons.

Lawmakers accused him of abusing his power and blocking constitutional reforms. Mattis added that the administration will work with other countries to "address this issue." a.m.

A bouquet of pink roses adorned the box, which read: "to Evan, game day special, love your billet brother and sister Colten and Shelby." Most of the players were from elsewhere in western Canada and they lived with families in Humboldt , a town of about 6,000 people.

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