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Gradually, the Bichon warmed up and began to show some signs of life.But Ms Hartman noticed several small wounds on the back of her neck, and the dog walked with a limp.Yet little did the mourners realize that Zoey had in fact been later that afternoon - a full four miles away.

Felipe Rodriguez said he thought he was hallucinating when he witnessed the bird of prey take his sister's little white dog from her yard, flap its massive wings and disappear over the trees with it screeching in agony.'It seemed like something from the 'Wizard of Oz,' the 50-year-old healthcare executive - visiting from Chicago - told The Associated Press on Wednesday. This doesn't happen in my world.'A massive search operation was then initiated, with Mr Rodriguez scouring the neighborhood's woodland along with his sister Monica Newhard and her husband.

When the rescue team failed to find Zoey, Mrs Newhard said that she was heartbroken and 'did nothing but cry all day'.

Brandow said he was on his way to the Broncos game and arrived at the scene right after the collision.

He described hearing the cries and holding the hand of a lifeless body.

Dennis Locke , his wife and three young children came to the arena to hang posters of forward Jaxon Joseph , who was the son of former NHL player Chris Joseph .

The Locke family hosted Joseph and treated him like a son. "Down to earth, loved playing with the kids." His wife wiped away tears from swollen eyes.

Forwards Jacob Leicht , Logan Hunter and Conner Lukan and defensemen Stephen Wack , Adam Herold , Logan Boulet and Xavier Labelle were also among the dead, according to family members and others.

Assistant coach Mark Cross , bus driver Glen Doerksen and stats keeper Brody Hinz , who was 18, were also killed.

It had no collar but Ms Hartman said she realized it obviously came from a family and she was determined to find out who owned it. She spotted Newhard's public Facebook post on Wednesday morning - Newhard had uploaded a photo of Zoey - and made an excited call.'I said, 'It's a miracle! 'Zoey had some bruising and a few missing patches of fur.

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