Pair and a spare dating who is nas dating at the moment

"I felt so full of sexy energy, and I think it showed: The boys couldn't get enough of me.It was like being in love, but I was in love with life — not with any one guy." Really want to flex your multimanhandling muscle?

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For some reason, you can't seem to find it in your heart to turn any of them down. Dating a slew of studs simultaneously does wonders for your ego, your social life and (duh! The ideal setup, she says, is to have "a pair and a spare," meaning you should keep at least three Romeos in rotation at once.

You'll never get hung up on whether any one man will call, and guys you go out with will pick up on that decidedly undesperate vibe and clamor for you even more. Read on for all the instruction you'll need to avoid potential pitfalls and maximize your man hot streak.

— you've found yourself on the receiving end of a man monsoon.

From the Luke Wilson look-alike at last night's bash to your hottie neighbor who inspires naughty thoughts to the hunky trainer at the gym, guys are coming out of the woodwork to ask you out. "The more men you date, the better your odds of finding your perfect match," confirms Jodie Gould, coauthor of Date Like a Man.

Juggling Rule 1: Cram Your Calendar You may be tempted to play it safe and spread out your dates so that you can get to know each of your suitors one by one.

But being so politely planned out — limiting yourself to one guy per weekend or even per day — could cause you to lose momentum.

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The verdict, in a nutshell, is the pair seems to still be a speculative report examining the state of Jenner and Scott's relationship, which rolled out Dec. The source (who remained anonymous) said that — in spite of the rapper's hectic touring schedule and the 20-year-old beauty tycoon's rumored decision to temporarily step out of the spotlight — the two "are absolutely still together and excited about the baby." Neither Scott nor Jenner has publicly confirmed the relationship or the pregnancy.

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