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The Tom Collins is the ‘Prince Albert in a Can’ of the drinking world.

The hoax of asking the unawares if they’ve seen Tom Collins and that he could be found in the bar around the corner began circulating in 1874 and immortalized the sweet ‘gin and lemonade’ cocktail.

The result is a pleasant and somewhat fruity taste that packs a punch.

As with many drinks, tastes have changed over time.

In the 1953 novel The Long Goodbye it is described as being half gin and half lime juice. The same ratios are also used to make gimlets with vodka, which became popular in the 40s and survives today.

The drink of choice for Don Draper, the main character of popular TV series Mad Men, the exposure revitalized interest in this centuries-old concoction.

While the recipe has adapted over time, muddling bitters with sugar and mixing in brandy or whiskey has been a classic choice since the early 1800s.

This strong apéritif is usually credited to an Italian bartender who, in 1919, left the soda water out of an Americano and replaced it with gin at the request of his client who wanted his drink to be stronger.

The garnish was changed from lemon to an orange peel to denote the difference.While no one is quite sure when whiskey was first produced, there is evidence of it in Mesopotamia dating back to 2,000 BC.Monastic records from the 13th century also show that monks made whiskey and used it medicinally, for ailments ranging from smallpox to colic.In the United States, this blend of cider and lager is quite common.This was cause for a minor diplomatic kerfuffle when President Bill Clinton traveled to the United Kingdom and ordered one at a North Yorkshire pub.Popularized in movies in the 1940s and 1950s, a stinger is comprised of creme de menthe and brandy.

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