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Or you will act nervous around women because you feel inferior or insecure about being overweight.

Or in some cases, you won’t even interact with women AT ALL as you would believe it to be pointless because you’ve already decided that women won’t be attracted to you!

It’s always interesting to me because, although fat or overweight men consider their weight to be the reason they are unable to attract the women they want, they actually have the same problem as a guy who believes he’s not rich enough, or not good looking enough, or not tall enough and so on has.

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Have you done or thought any of these things before?

When we act insecure, nervous and believe we are not good enough around women, women find us less attractive REGARDLESS of the reason for us acting this way!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are women who are specifically attracted to fat or overweight men.

This could however narrow the chances for an overweight man to find a suitable partner, and it’s not the question I was asked.

Even before addressing the cause of being fat/overweight and looking at ways to get an overweight man back to a healthy weight, there are still things fat men can do to be more attractive to women. However, this is never going to be as effective as combining the above techniques with treating the true cause of the issue.

In addition, treating the true cause can often auto-correct a lot of the above as well.

And if we don’t interact with women AT ALL…then we won’t be successful with them.

The above actions then lead to poor results (or zero results) and then you say to yourself: “See! ”, and the belief gets reinforced and the problem continues. 1 – It’s often said that the ‘definition of madness’ is: to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Start to MAKE it true, and do the things an attractive, healthy, athletic person would do until it becomes reality.

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