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Moses James I would like to thank you for your response. Do you mean that a young person like me should not date at all? I know that I am to trust God that he will find a mate that is fitting for me.

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In other words, I don't think that God will just suddenly one day dump someone into my lap and we will get married just like that. To fill void with other temptations such as pornography?

I am 23 and have not dated anyone yet, but the thing is I find myself at times lonely and longing for someone. I hope I am not coming across as to harsh in my response.

and out of that if a relationship is born, i will surely know it was God's will.

this of course extends to all of our Godly endeavours in life.

i have started to recite it whenever i find my mind wandering into areas that it shouldn't and i have found it quite effective.

sinjin, its unfortunate there aren't more ladies your age attending church.At my church, I am the only one my age(college age) and there are not women around my age to meet there. It seems very hard today to meet a woman who is a devout Christian and has not had multiple sex partners.Right now I am pessimistic about finding someone but I am not in a hurry to get married. The Jesus Prayer solves loneliness and erotic impulses.it may be that you meet a woman whom isn't orthodox but whom will be open enough to listen to you about your faith and sincerely want to join you.that way not only will God provide you with the partner you want, but you will also be doing his will by helping save another soul.you are very right about the multiple sex partners.

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