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However, a trend is a relative term, and we can see downtrend in an hour-chart, but uptrend in a minute-chart.

Then, experienced traders realize that uptrend in the minute timeframe is a correction from the main one in the hour-chart. buying 30-second options, you should take minute-chart tendency into consideration; and if you use long-term trading, holding the order longer than half-hour, then you must pay attention only to hour trend. For experienced, tendency is the essential part of a trading strategy, that they concern looking for and bolting out signals for buying and selling; as for novices they often use only one trend for rate predicting.

This strategy doesn’t have the definite author and name, because widely used and called in different ways. Any currency quotation, stocks or metals rate or indices move in a specific direction, which always changes. There are three kinds of trends: uptrend (a price rises), downtrend (a price falls) and flat (a price doesn’t change).

Surely, never a one asset have a defined direction, that’s why the trend is just a general tendency of movement, and it always has different corrections and bounces.

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If your bet fails and the price breaks the trend line, wait and look whether the trend will change back.

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