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The theoretical reasons for its success are highlighted here.

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Despite this closeness to other Slavic varieties, significant variation exists among Slovak dialects.

In particular, eastern varieties differ significantly from the standard language, which is based on central and western varieties.

Literary Slovak shares significant orthographic features with Czech, as well as technical and professional terminology dating from the Czechoslovak period, but phonetic, grammatical, and vocabulary differences do exist.

Slavic language varieties tend to be closely related, and have had a large degree of mutual influence, due to the complicated ethnopolitical history of their historic ranges.

Ever since the early days of the Internet, men and women have been logging on to search for love.

During this time there was much debate over whether ‘real’ relationships could be formed with ‘strangers’ online or whether instead these relationships were meaningless and potentially psychologically unhealthy.

Theories such as the Social Presence and Social Context Cues Theory were developed to predict that online relationships were of little benefit to individuals.

This article provides a summary of these early debates, and points out the importance of not drawing a distinction between ‘physical world’ versus ‘virtual world,’ but instead that there are many types of spaces online, with different features with different norms that govern these spaces.

The secondary principle is the morphological principle: forms derived from the same stem are written in the same way even if they are pronounced differently.

An example of this principle is the assimilation rule (see below).

pekný = nice – singular versus pekní = nice – plural). Several conjugation paradigms exist as follows: Each preposition is associated with one or more grammatical cases. It must appear in this case because the preposition od (= from) always calls for its objects to be in the genitive.

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