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By asking users to share a link with their partner, once both people have clicked on the link, a black circular timer, just like the ones in the TV episode, display how much time a couple has left.

And in the new real life version, if couples don't click on the link fast enough, the app starts shaving years off their relationship.

And unlike real life, those signed up to the system have no control over who they get to date or how long they will be matched with them, regardless of whether they like them or not.

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So far we've received two emails since joining the site a few minutes ago.

The number of fake emails we received will continue to rise the longer we are logged into the members area of Live Flings.

Today we take a close look at a dating site called Live

Doing some quick research we've already established that Live Flings is connected to numerous well-known dating sites that we've already exposed as frauds on our site.

Profile after profile are all completely rigged and falsified. Their username and their ages are fake, their locations are made up and of course their photographs are all phony.

The women in these photographs did not register as members on . (A screenshot of 12 Online Cupids, one after another showing how widespread the fake profiles on Live Flings are.) All form of communications on the site are bogus.Upon meeting the other person, both look at their 'Coach' app to see how long they will be staying together.Some couples only have hours together, while some have to embark on long-term relationships for several years.(Screen shot of the fantasy profiles phrase on the home page of the site.) On the front page of the site the site's administrators admit that they do use fake profiles that they call "Online Cupid".This is an undeniable fact that's also admitted to in their own terms and conditions.Please take a look at the evidence we have provided below, a screenshot showing 12 "Online Cupids circled in red, all on the same page .

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