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Katrina was part of a handful of women at the Royal Anglian Regiment based at Piribright, Surrey and couldn't understand why a group of male soldiers hated her so much.A poison pen letter was written about Katrina and pinned up around the barracks and when she was called in by her sergeant to ask who wrote it she was advised to ignore it to avoid 'looking like a diva', the Mirror reports.

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Last month a positive post appeared on the British Military Club's Facebook page highlighting Katrina's achievements.

Katrina, who went on to front a La Senza campaign swapped her beret and army fatigues for tousled hair and skimpy lingerie for the campaign, which offered a 15 per cent discount to all British servicemen and women Not long after hundreds of comments appeared from the same men who bullied her aged 18.

A former Miss England who was given the moniker 'Combat Barbie' when she joined the Army reveals she quit after years of sexist attacks.

Katrina Hodge, was decorated for her bravery in Iraq aged 18 however her male colleagues bullied her for the commendation.

Katrina, who now lives in Brighton, claims that although her superiors were aware of the torment they failed to look into it.

Despite joining the army 12 years ago aged 17 Katrina still receives sexist comments online from trolls.

However this only encouraged her harassers to send her more sexism and hate online.

In 2015 she decided enough was enough and decided to quit the Army after reaching the rank of corporal to become a banker.

The mum of two said: Katrina, who went on to front a La Senza campaign, won the Miss England beauty pageant and used the media attention to urge women to join the forces.

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