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Age: 30 Occupation: Orthopedic Nurse Hometown: Belton, SC Height: 5'4" Tattoos: Two. An infinity symbol on my left wrist and a cross on my left middle finger. One in ten internet users say they have personally gone to dating websites.

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A majority of online daters report good experiences with the sites.

Of the 16 million people who have been to online dating sites, 52% say they had mostly positive experiences.

At the same time, most internet users believe online dating is dangerous because it puts personal information online and they also think that many online daters lie about their marital status.

Most internet users (66%) agree with the statement that online dating is a dangerous activity because it puts personal information on the internet. Female internet users, older users, and those who have lower levels of income or education are among the most wary of these risks.

The internet users who are single and looking for dates report similar views.

While some stigma about online dating persists, most internet users do not view it simply as a last resort.The general online public is less certain, but generally supportive of the notion that online dating facilitates better pairing.Looking at the total population of internet users, 47% agree that online dating allows people to find a better match because the pool of potential mates is larger online.Fully 64% agree that online dating helps people find a better match because they have access to a larger pool of potential dates, while just 31% disagree with this assessment.Another 6% say they do not know whether or not online dating facilitates better connections.At the same time, a sizable segment, 29%, report mostly negative experiences.

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