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If you are seeking representation, please send a query letter and the first 10 pages of your manuscript in the body of an email to [email protected] you wish to query one Root Literary agent in specific, please include that agent's name in the subject line of your email and it will be sent direct to that agent.We know it can be hard to parse the fine points of agent-taste from a web writeup, so you're also welcome to query the agency in general and we'll direct your material internally.

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All material should be pasted in the body of the email, as we do not open attachments.

Only queries for completed, full-length works will be considered.

SF/F: I love literary-leaning grounded SF..also I grew up reading anything and everything with a dragon on the cover. On the single title romance front, every time I swear my list is full, someone makes a liar out of me.

Quit being so innovative and smart, romance authors!

Martin’s Press) Laura Drewry's CATCH & RELEASE (contemporary romance, Loveswept/Random House) Winnie Archer’s KNEADED TO DEATH (cozy mystery, Kensington) Megan Crane’s EDGE OF POWER (postapocalyptic romance, St.

Martin’s Press) Ashley Poston’s GEEKERELLA (YA, Quirk Books) Alison Cherry's WILLOWS VS.

Reading as much as you do in this job, it's easy to become overly analytical--assessing this or that from a market standpoint, considering the buyers and retail outlook before you've even fallen into the story.

My favorite books--and the submissions most likely to catch my interest--are the ones so assured in their execution that the only input my critical mind can muster is "That was fun. " I'm delighted to be in a position of perpetual discovery.

I like structural conceits (whether in timeline, a la One Day, or an epistolary novel).

middle grade fiction: If the following apply, I will probably like it: funny (honest-funny over slapstick, generally speaking), adventurous, magical whether in actual plot or only in feel, unforgettable settings whether real or fantastical.

(Never stop.) I'm especially interested in romance that blends in other genres. My nonfiction list is smaller, and therefore a little harder to define a wish list for.

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