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I would also say the brewery scene is more social than the bar scene, and would try to attend some events they might have.

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Men who experience flu-like symptoms after having an orgasm are allergic to sex, researchers have found.

And the other, orgasmic headache, has an 'explosive, throbbing quality and appears just before or at the moment of orgasm'.

The pain is described, 'as if you've been hit over the head with a cricket bat.'Annabelle Knight, sex and relationship expert at Lovehoney, said those lovers who enjoy the most lively sex are most at risk of the headaches.

I am in farmington, moved from the west end of hartford as it was getting seedy.

I like it up here so far, very nice scenery and calm. Are there any bars that a solo guy could hit up in the hartford/middletown area without looking like a weirdo? Not a huge drinker, but willing to suck it up to get out there more.

The most common theory is that some men may be allergic to their own semen, or something in their semen, which causes an immediate immune reaction.

A semen allergy is an allergic reaction to a protein found in a man's semen that mostly affects women but has been known to also affect men when semen comes in contact with the skin or mouth.

This rare and understudied phenomenon known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome, or POIS, is believed to be caused by men having an allergy to their own semen, either through contact or due to a rush of hormones released during climax.

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