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For me, OLD FASHIONED wasn't as much saying 'do likewise' as it was saying, 'No matter how you personally live it out, let your faith overflow into a life of personal purity.' No doubt this movie will give filmgoers plenty to discuss afterwards." “OLD FASHIONED is a fresh look at the real meaning of desire, romance, and love.

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OLD FASHIONED modeled exactly the type of romantic courtship that I hope all six of my children find one day.

What a terrific antidote to the poison of modern-day cynicism!

I know my children will.” “It's not often that the world's media attention can position God’s people for great witness, but the buzz around Fifty Shades of ‎Grey does just that.

In contrast to that perverse darkness, OLD FASHIONED ‎shines light on God's alternative providing a great choice to avoid the broad road of destruction as young adults and couples choose the narrow road of life and abundance.” "OLD FASHIONED is a great movie that is true to its title.

Sometimes movies can be quick to jump to the ‘what could be’ that they rarely take a look at how our mistakes and wounds of the past affect us moving forward.

OLD FASHIONED is a love story set in reality, and it shows us the sacrifice, joy, and beauty of true love.” “OLD FASHIONED features a compelling story with characters the audience will care about and identify with.I hope many will want to see how love can grow through respect and honor in a relationship, a refreshing alternative to what has become standard movie fare! " "I applaud the creators of the film OLD FASHIONED for highlighting the beauty of old fashioned values, chivalry and honor.” "In a world where 'sex sells,' OLD FASHIONED is a refreshing foray into the battle of the sexes from a wholesome and healthy point of view. While the world peddles the latest erotic products, men and women are truly longing for intimacy.But not in the sense of being ‘out of date.’ Some people run away from their past. This movie reveals how love can both free you from your past and give you a new future.” “As I watched OLD FASHIONED, I felt like I knew the characters personally.Clay and Amber embody aspects of so many different people and stories I have heard over the years.The choice for Catholics and other concerned Christians on where to spend our hard-earned money at the box office should be obvious." “OLD FASHIONED is the kind of love story Hollywood has been lacking for decades. ” “OLD FASHIONED is the movie I’ve been waiting to see for years.

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