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For me, OLD FASHIONED wasn't as much saying 'do likewise' as it was saying, 'No matter how you personally live it out, let your faith overflow into a life of personal purity.' No doubt this movie will give filmgoers plenty to discuss afterwards." “OLD FASHIONED is a fresh look at the real meaning of desire, romance, and love.

We hope it becomes a new fashion to be a bit more old fashioned in the way we all handle relationships!

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You’ll laugh and maybe you’ll cry, but I’m certain you’ll feel that old familiar frustration that comes from a good conflict in a well-done movie.

“Despite our culture's incessant mockery of marriage, there remains deep within the human heart a desire for a love that is permanent, exclusive, and faithful. Fifty Shades of Grey will not—cannot—satisfy the human heart … And this love is represented beautifully in OLD FASHIONED.” “OLD FASHIONED is a story about the past.

I promise you won’t be disappointed and she will thank you for it.” “You’re going to like this movie for two reasons: 1) it exposes the core issues of our broken sexuality and 2) it’s extremely well done.

Dozens of LOL moments erupted from the crowd followed by sobering moments that captured the essence of our mistakes and regrets.” “OLD FASHIONED is a refreshing love story with a new plot twist.

There are so many good messages in the movie that need to be known.

I enjoyed watching how a man went from one extreme lifestyle to another, yet through his new rules, he was able to show true love to a girl and in return that girl was able to show him that he deserved to be loved.” “Everything old is new again.

OLD FASHIONED modeled exactly the type of romantic courtship that I hope all six of my children find one day.

What a terrific antidote to the poison of modern-day cynicism!

We see how both parties struggle to find the true meaning of love in a quaint, yet real way.

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