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True, OFM was smart, but couldn't I find someone smarter?And fine, OFM had a really, really great rack, but don't flat-chested women also have a lot to offer?The literal and unconditional observance of this was rendered impracticable by the great expansion of the order, its pursuit of learning, and the accumulated property of the large cloisters in the towns.

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A difference of opinion developed in the community concerning the interpretation of the rule regarding property.

The Observants held to a strict interpretation that the friars may not hold any property neither individually nor communally.

In Poland and Lithuania they are known as Bernardines, after Bernardino of Siena, although the term elsewhere refers to Cistercians instead.

The modern organization of the Friars Minor comprises three separate family or groups, each considered a religious order in its own right under its own minister General and with particular type of governance.

M.) is a mendicant Catholic religious order, founded in 1209 by Francis of Assisi.

The Order of Friars Minor is considered to the successor to the original Franciscan Order within the Catholic Church, and is the largest of the contemporary First Orders within the Franciscan movement.

They all live according to a body of regulations known as the Rule of St Francis.

A sermon which Francis heard in 1209 on Mt 10:9 made such an impression on him that he decided to fully devote himself to a life of apostolic poverty.

The extreme poverty required of members was relaxed in final revision of the Rule in 1223.

The degree of observance required of members remained a major source of conflict within the order, resulting in numerous secessions.

Francis began preaching around 1207 and traveled to Rome to seek approval of his order from Pope Innocent III in 1209.

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