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Since this is our last dance together (in this series, at least), lets have some fun.

I'd like to start out the discussion of drag and drop in Cocoa by mentioning my long term dedication to the concept, but that would be a lie.

" I think I mumbled some lame excuse about not doing it, namely that it was more confusing than I could easily figure out, but damn it, who needs drag and drop anyway?

Drag and drop is one of the few places where you can experiment with your user interface and really do something interesting without breaking so many conventions that your users curse your birth.

Drag and drop is the wild west of Cocoa programming.

However, if developers actively publicized the strings for their pasteboards, that wouldn't necessarily be the case.

then there is no visual acknowledgement of the drag, and the object is refusing to handle the drag type.

Time to begin looking at our final topic in the Epic Py Obj C tutorial series, and an important topic it is: using multiple nibs in one project.

For many applications you can avoid using multiple nibs. But if you double click on a playlist, it will open a new window.

When I first was getting started with Py Obj C and Cocoa--about a year and a half ago (don't tell the recruiters)--I put together my first fairly complex application and I was pretty proud of it.

The two critiques I remember most closely were: don't use brushed metal (I still haven't recovered from the anti-brushed metal conspiracy yet), and "Wouldn't drag and drop work better to transfer things between two lists than double clicking?

This time we're going to focus on two slightly tricky, but extremely important patterns in Cocoa application development.

We'll start out implementing some drag and drop functionality, and finish by looking at using a second nib file to create new windows while the application is running.

Right now when you double click on a row it opens up the entry's page in a web browser, but it would be nice if instead it opened up a new window that showed us more details about that entry.

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