Norms of dating marriage partnering

“I think what happens in any community that’s under attack is people pull back into that community,” said Haroon Mokhtarzada, the CEO of Minder, an app named because it strives to be a sort of Muslim Tinder. In the past six months, membership in the matchmaking service has nearly doubled. Muslim professionals, whether they’re practicing or not, they wanted to really reevaluate their identity and see what’s important to them,” said Sadia Khan, one of the company’s professional matchmakers, at a team meeting in Tysons recently. In much of the Muslim world, the concept of going on dates with different people to select the one you’ll eventually marry is unheard of.“People kind of double down on their identity when it’s under attack…. “I think what’s happened in light of what’s going on in the U. Some Muslims only approve of chaperoned dates; many believe in waiting for physical intimacy until after marriage.

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Friendships are based on self-disclosure in which the participants feel free to share their thoughts and feelings about a variety of issues.

Self-disclosure in friendships is particularly significant for women.

(The one group not included in either Minder or Beyond Chai: gay Muslims.) Most of their clients are young adults, though.

They seek matches for them within their database of fellow clients, and they add as many non-clients to their database as possible, by asking people to provide their information at major Muslim conventions and partnering with other matchmaking services and Muslim organizations.

Matchmaker Abeer Ayaz, left; Beyond Chai co-founder and CEO Asad Ansari, center; and matchmaker Sadia Khan, right, discuss whom to set one of their matchmaking clients up with at a team meeting in Tysons.

(Julie Zauzmer/The Washington Post) When Sumayyah Baig’s family and friends tried to set her up with eligible Muslim men she might marry, they focused on all sorts of attributes: the men’s professions, their family backgrounds, their ethnicity. All she wanted was a person she would click with, who would share her values. I just wanted them to have the same belief system,” she said.Since friendship is voluntary, people are able to choose their friends and to decide when the friendship is no longer worth maintaining.People can maintain friendships over long distances through mediated contact such as telephone calls.She credits a service focused on both compatibility and religiosity with making the perfect match for her. After her cousin got married to someone Beyond Chai matched him with, she joined the service a month and a half ago.“When you make a decision, I need to know where you’re coming from,” she said, explaining why she knew she wanted to marry a fellow Muslim. She trusts the Beyond Chai matchmakers, who are all in their 30s, more than the “aunties” of her parents’ generation.Sometimes it takes personal outreach — for a client who wanted to marry a fellow Somali, matchmaker Saman Quraeshi said she recently found herself texting friends around the country looking for entrées to Somali communities.

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