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California's 2014 Law, AB1775 Tele Mental Health And E-Therapy HIPAA Confidentiality Record Keeping Risk Management Dual Relationships Releasing Test-Data Therapeutic Boundaries (self-disclosure, bartering, touch, etc.) Child Custody Evaluation Parental Alienation Syndrome Subpoenas Repressed Memories Treatment Of Borderline Personality Disordered Patients Neuropsychology And Treatment Of Trauma Psychopharmacology DSM Update And What Happened To PDM?

Offenders mainly seek fuel for their fantasies, which can come in the form of conversation and relationship building with potential victims.

Offenders also seek visual and textual depiction’s in the form of images, movies, and stories where children of a preferred age and gender are engaged in sexual behaviors.

Park Elliot Dietz best categorizes these offenders as situational and preferential.

Ken Lanning of the FBI further writes on the subject that situational offenders do not have a true sexual preference for children, but will engage in sexual acts with children for varied and complex reasons, while preferential offenders prefer children sexually and their sexual fantasies and erotic imagery focus entirely on children.

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