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People that don't drink aren't all necessarily recovering alcoholics or religious zealots; they may have their own reasons for choosing not to drink, all perfectly valid for them.Then there are those of us that enjoy drinking socially (whatever your definition of that is), but that doesn't make us all potential alcoholics either.

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What is everyone's experiences been with drinkers dating nondrinkers or recovered alcoholics??

I have been tossed aside by someone making the assumption that because I've had 2 beers on a date, I have a problem, and that sort of simplistic, snap judgment turns me off.

I like to enjoy a drink socially but I know my tolerance and I'm mindful of my drinking, especially in light of the fact that I have an alcoholic father.

But that's a rather lengthy debate for another day.

I see the whole drinking/not drinking issue like this; if its important enough to come up in conversation right away, then its important enough that its likely just a basic incompatibility between two people. IT’S DIFFICULT TO FIND SOBER PEOPLE TO DATE As a non-drinker, I’m not opposed to dating people who like the occasional libation. ) DRINKING This is particularly upsetting when I’ve already been messaging with someone promising and he decides to ask me out for drinks, proving he didn’t actually read my online profile. There are always a million questions, and once I answer them all, they launch into all the reasons I should start drinking. Drunk tirades are annoying when your friends do it, but it’s 100 times worse (and far more embarrassing) when a stranger you’ve just met starts waxing poetic about the crush they have on their 7th grade English teacher. Whatever the reason, people who *do* drink CANNOT let it go. THAT MOMENT WHEN YOUR DATE REACHES THE THRESHOLD WHERE HE THINKS HE’S MORE INTERESTING THAN HE ACTUALLY IS We all know that special, endearing moment when an over-served person begins to think everything they say is absolutely mind-blowing (when, in fact, it’s actually getting less coherent by the sip).Recently I dated a guy who didn't drink and it also didn't work out because he didnt like me drinking.Drinking is never an issue except in these cases, just wondering what everyone else's experiences are....... If you feel that you are tired of the bar scene, but go twice a week to the bars?It doesn't have to be judgmental by one party or the other, just a sign that there isn't enough in common to make it work, like dating between smoking/non-smoking or religious/non-religious people. But I don't get hammered or act like an idiot when drinking.

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