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He received an honorary master's degree from Buckinghamshire New University.In 2017, he became the host of BBC's The Great British Bake Off. Both his mother and his father appeared on The Mighty Boosh. Bill Bailey asked Fielding to be a part of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

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What I liked was that it didn't adhere to any rules. “We shouldn't have called it Luxury Comedy, we should have called it something weird. Amazing…'” Born in London to young, liberal parents, Fielding grew up a “painfully shy” child who loved drawing. You meet someone and you just work, you have chemistry on stage, and writing.

It was like, 'Well, we're doing this and then this and then this and then this and then it's over. The problem with calling it a comedy is that it's got to be funny, first and foremost. “I don't know if it's just because my mum and dad were into a lot of psychedelic stuff in the 1960s and 1970s. If I saw a sitcom and everything was made out of cheese, I wouldn't go 'WHAT?! No one ever thought the young Noel would become a comedian, but he adored Vic and Bob, and while he was at art college in Buckinghamshire in the mid-1990s, he started writing odd little stories. “Maybe we should have gone – that would have been a way of sustaining it. That will never happen again for me, I don't think. I work with a lot of good people in a good way, like Russell [Brand] and Richard Ayoade, but I don't think I'll ever have that again.” He is just back from a month in France where he was writing a family film – “a Time Bandits/Labyrinth thing” – and two TV shows (one for America). “But not a part that someone would give me; something people wouldn't imagine.” He struggles to focus on one thing at a time. I guess I've carved out a style and once you have some success with that, then there's an expectation that you will do something slightly different.

Would it still be commissioned now, in these risk-averse, online-BBC3 times? In addition to being a comedian and actor, Brown (Bollo the ape) is an art director who designs books and DVD covers – including those for the Boosh's live tour and boxset – and has mounted photography exhibitions of fellow comedians.

The American comedian, who played Bob Fossil, co-wrote and starred in BBC3 sketch show Snuff Box, with Matt Berry.

It's fine when you're younger, you go out a lot and muck around with your mates and drink and stuff, but I'm a bit over that now.” When the Boosh was at its height – the final arena tour in 2009 played to more than a quarter-of-a-million fans – Fielding would party all night with his younger brother Mike (aka Naboo from the Boosh), then get up at 6pm in time for the next show's soundcheck. I liked it before I was on it.” Would he have carried on? In fact, it is all he wants to talk about, though the second series was broadcast more than 18 months ago and there won't be a third. “We live in strange times.” He had “absolute freedom” to do what he liked on the show. Fielding and he are still friends; they live on the same street in north London and play tennis together.

His current tour, still featuring Mike in a variety of daft roles, including Fielding's fictional wife, has, by contrast, been the “peppermint tea tour”. So there were cartoons and characters such as Roy Circles, a chocolate finger with shellshock; Secret Peter, who is made out of melted Jelly Tots; and Fantasy Man, who rides a porcelain unicorn called Arnold 5. “Maybe there were just way too many characters and not enough time to digest them all. “The possibility of us doing something together is always still there,” says Fielding. “The combination of us two was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.He is a playful polymath, hopping about in his pointy boots from sitcoms to animations to stand-up, acting to art exhibitions. He is about to go on tour for a second UK leg of his solo show, An Evening With Noel Fielding, having already taken it around the UK, Australia and New Zealand. But I suppose I'm in this weird transitional period between having some success doing weird stuff and not being eccentric yet. Fielding, who had been on the show since 2009, found out when the press did. All of a sudden it was just POWWWW and everyone was sick of each other. They were making a lot of money and there were a lot of people with a vested interest in keeping it going.“I start getting bored and misbehaving if I don't work hard. There is more than one moment in the show when he wonders why he's still prancing around pretending to be a chicken boy, or a herbal teabag, or the moon (which he plays, memorably, by covering his face with half a can of shaving foam). “If a show has lasted that long and people like it, why would you get rid of it? People liked it, it wasn't an aggressive male panel show. I never know the thinking behind television.” He is still smarting, too, from his last solo foray on E4, Luxury Comedy. Someone called the show the second 9/11,” he says with a sad little grin. “So we tried to write a film, and it all sort of imploded.” Barratt now has eight-year old twin boys with his partner, the comedian Julia Davis.He is now dating Lliana Bird, a radio personality, dj and interviewer. No, I dont think that Yvette Fielding (Presenter on Most Haunted) and Noel Fielding (Comedian) are related.If they are then there is no record on the internet of it. He has appeared in the movies and TV series like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Unnatural Acts and many more.

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