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He is a playful polymath, hopping about in his pointy boots from sitcoms to animations to stand-up, acting to art exhibitions. He is about to go on tour for a second UK leg of his solo show, An Evening With Noel Fielding, having already taken it around the UK, Australia and New Zealand. But I suppose I'm in this weird transitional period between having some success doing weird stuff and not being eccentric yet. Fielding, who had been on the show since 2009, found out when the press did. All of a sudden it was just POWWWW and everyone was sick of each other. They were making a lot of money and there were a lot of people with a vested interest in keeping it going.

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And we paid as much attention to the visual side of it. You know in Asterix when Obelix fell into the magic potion? One night he decided to perform them, at his first gig, in Cambridge; as it happened, his future colleague Jupitus was on the bill. I was so driven.” At the height of the Boosh's popularity, Mike Myers wanted to write a film with them, and, Fielding tells me, Jack Black and Ben Stiller were desperate to work with them. “If I was rich, it would be fine...” He must be quite rich. But it goes pretty quickly.” He lives with his long-term girlfriend, the XFM DJ Lliana Bird, and is at once intrigued and horrified by the idea of having children: “My friends who have kids look like they haven't been to bed for a year. Bit self-obsessed, really.” Does he find real life a little boring? You can't just abandon it, it's part of what you do. I'd like to do something more real, I've never tried that. Who lives in Camden.” Barratt, who played Howard, has continued to act on TV (Little Crackers, Being Human) and on stage (The Government Inspector at the Young Vic, NSFW at the Royal Court) while also directing, and narrating several BBC documentaries.

I would maintain, regardless of what people thought of it, that there were more ideas in one episode than in most things. “I was going to run away because I couldn't handle it but he gave me a big hug and said, 'They're just people, it's fine. They all look like they've been shot in the legs, or have typhoid or something,” he says. It takes 10 years to get where you want to get and then you have 10 years there and you think, fuck, I'm this age, all my friends have 10-year old kids… That's what I'm trying to write next – something simple.” How's that going? The Boosh took its name from a Spanish friend's description of the childhood hairstyle (“mighty bush”) worn by Noel's brother, who played Naboo.

arena tour in 2009, the two remained close friends: "We wanted to do other things on our own, so that's what we've done.

He worked 'incredibly hard' to elevate the Mighty Boosh to arena-filling world tours.

(The day after we meet, he interviews Ronnie Wood in Waterstone's about his new book and posts a picture online; they look like father and son – all angles and bouffant hair.) He attained cult comedy status as one half of the Mighty Boosh and mainstream fame on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

His rival team captain on the show, Phill Jupitus, dubbed him a “gothic George Best”; his best friend, Serge Pizzorno of Kasabian, called him a “modern-day Dali”. When you're young, people say, 'Yeah, he's young, he's daft, he does all this weird stuff,' and then you have success and people say, 'Oh right, he's good.' And maybe in 10 years, I'll be seen as eccentric, like Vic Reeves or Spike Milligan, which would be amazing. Earlier this year, Never Mind the Buzzcocks was axed. It was like being in The Beatles.” The end came in 2009, after a 100-date tour.

He received an honorary master's degree from Buckinghamshire New University.

In 2017, he became the host of BBC's The Great British Bake Off. Both his mother and his father appeared on The Mighty Boosh. Bill Bailey asked Fielding to be a part of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

He has one brother named Michael Fielding who is also a comedian. Dee Plume is a singer and guitarist and she is also famous for being one half of an English electropunk band Robots in Disguise.

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