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The ISU represents the salvage industry in a global context and, in doing so, has access to the highest levels in political and commercial organisations with a direct interest in marine salvage activities.No single salvage company could expect to command the attention given to the ISU, as the industry’s collective voice.

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In addition, the ISU encourages, in appropriate cases, the acceptance of standard forms of guarantee which save time and expense in respect of salvage security.

Communications is an important dimension of the ISU’s activities.

No single salvage company could expect to influence decisions which are regularly considered by a wide variety of governmental and commercial parties.

It is the range and geographical spread of the membership that allow the ISU to speak, and be heard, on behalf of the world’s salvors.

It is managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice-President and up to ten individuals drawn from member companies.

The membership and Executive Committee are supported by a General Manager, Legal Adviser and Communications/Public Relations Adviser.

In addition, it maintains regular contact and positive relations with regional and national salvage and tug-owning associations.

The ISU has an important role as the prime mover in many legal and commercial developments concerning marine salvage.

For these reasons, it is important that the ISU maintains its position as the international focus for all issues concerned with marine salvage.

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