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Beth later went missing and her body was found in a park, making her the serial killers fourth victim. In December, Gavin was arrested for the murders but the charges were dropped only for Gavin to be charged with rape, an act he and Justin Salt (Heath Jones) had participated in at medical school.

Kieran Mitchell was the mysterious badboy who arrived in town with little memory.

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They ran into financial trouble and Scotty became moody and began to drink when his brother Tai (Xavier Horan) got arrested.

Shanti suggested they separate but the two reconciled and Shanti fell pregnant.

She developed a romance with Scotty (Kiel Mc Naughton) and ended up marrying him, defying her arranged marriage to Dinesh Jivani (Amin Sheikh).

The couple bought a house that was a scene of a murder suicide and Shanti had the house blessed.

Throughout 2014, Jacqui became a shift manager at the bar, with owner Murray Cooper (Matt Chamberlain) often giving her extra shifts during his own family dramas. Jacqui proved to be a fan favourite, with her winning 4th place for "Favourite Character" in the fan voted Ferndale Talk Best of 2013 Awards and being mentioned numerous times for an expanded role in the future.

Shanti Kumari was the naive Indian nurse who arrived in mid-2007.Scotty and Tracey adopted a young boy named Kitu (Christian Edmonds) and travelled to East Timor to help children in need, shortly after Tracey announced she was pregnant.In 2012 Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) announced that the two had given birth to a baby daughter and the couple soon sold their house to Luke Durville (Gerald Urquhart).After Sophie broke up with Nate Adamson (Damien Harrison), she and Angus finally got together however Angus' high level of intelligence contrasted with Sophie's social life and they broke up.Angus returned the following year and was disgusted when he attended the boy racing event where Tane (Dominic Ona-Ariki) got paralysed.After finally accessing the account, Kieran paid Suchin out and she left.

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