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After five minutes, autofs unmounts the directory.#/etc/auto.master/home /etc/--timeout 600These details were actually commented in the auto.master file4.

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[y/n: y] y We need a few minutes to build the databases...

If I reboot nis1, everything just hangs until nis1 comes back, I don't see them seeking new servers.

In single server UNIX environments, the list of users and groups is usually kept in a file such as /etc/passwd.

Using NIS adds a "global" directory which is used for authenticating users from any host on the network.

This tutorial covers mostly RPM based distributions of GNU/Linux such as Red Hat, Fedora, or Cent OS.

There are also references to Debian based distrbutions such as Ubuntu.For information pertaining to your particular distrbution, please consult your documentation. gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/var/yp/LINUX-NIS' nis-server1 has been set up as a NIS master server.Edit the /etc/sysconfig/network file In Red Hat-based distributions need to add the NIS domain name we wish to use in the /etc/sysconfig/network file. You will have to delete the /var/yp/LINUX-NIS directory and restart portmap, yppasswd, and ypserv before you'll be able to do this again successfully.Note: In the early days, NIS was called Yellow Pages.The developers had to change the name after a copyright infringement lawsuit, yet many of the key programs associated with NIS have kept their original names beginning with yp.At this point, we have to construct a list of the hosts which will run NIS servers. We must continue to add the names for the other hosts, one per line.

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