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Quite dramatically different to me, but I was, as they say, a boy in love. The spark wasn't there, there were no children, and although we had established a ‘life’ together it was no longer the life we both desired.

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This significant time in our world also saw a significant change in my life.

I had met a woman who was eight years my senior who exposed me to a life beyond my expectations. She was wild, a bit crazy, and told it like it was.

If that were the case, he could choose one of the two engagement rings given to the Queen mother by King George VI.

One of these was a large sapphire set in Welsh gold, which she later repurposed with a pearl surrounded by diamonds.

Harry has a number of impressive jewels at his disposal — including his mother’s jewellery collection and other engagement royal engagement rings, as well as something new from one of Meghan’s favourite designers.

Perhaps most likely, he would look to his mother’s jewellery, left to him and his brother William when she died.He even took her as his date to Pippa Middleton’s wedding last month which, royal or not, is a big deal.So, as rumours of their engagement continue, there is mounting speculation about what kind of engagement ring the young royal is likely to choose.These rings were reportedly returned to the royal vaults on her death.However, there is a chance this would be too similar to the Duchess of Cambridge's ring, in which case he might be inclined to choose something different.But for now, we join the rest of the world in keeping an eye on Meghan's left ring finger for the a sparkler worthy of a princess.

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