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She apparently went back to the movie star more than a year ago, making Sagi available again.

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Perched atop the 31-story Sierra Towers, the highest residential building in greater Los Angeles, the open plan loft affords sweeping vistas of the metropolis and beyond.

You feel as if you're floating, and suddenly I understand what lured the enigmatic 54-year-old, once known as "the homeless billionaire," to settle here after a decade of hotel hopping. I have space to think," he tells me, adding that he has bought several apartments in the building (he prefers not to disclose the number).

Scouring the ranks we came up with a list of some of the most eligible but many of these supposed bachelors have steady girlfriends.

slideshow: Billionaire bachelors Mark Zuckerberg has apparently been dating his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, since college, despite the fictionalized account of his loveless personal life in the movie “The Social Network.” They supposedly met at a Harvard party while waiting in line for the bathroom, and they live together in a rented house near Facebook’s headquarters.

Nicolas has already launched affiliated fellowship programs with universities all over the world and established a $1 million annual award, the Berggruen Philosophy Prize, that he hopes will recognize the power of ideas, the way the Nobel Peace Prize does with actions, to make us "good or bad humans." (The first recipient will be announced this fall.)"Seeing a third of my money disappear overnight made me realize how ephemeral the whole thing is, and how futile it is at the end."The eyebrow-raising cost of all this is estimated to be several hundred million dollars, putting Nicolas, if he succeeds, near the Gates, Koch, and Soros orbit of donors.

But an intriguing blend of expensive, tasteful, and unusual is Nicolas's trademark.But his asceticism was at odds with his tendency to show up (invariably accompanied by a startlingly attractive young woman—albeit rarely the same one twice) at every international party and place du jour, whether the Oscars (he used to throw an annual party at Château Marmont), Davos (where he also hosted an A-list gathering), or Art Basel (where he is a bold-faced client).In recent years he has morphed from a party-hopping investor into a serious-minded plutocrat who hops from the Reichstag to the California governor's office to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing for private meetings with Xi Jinping.Maddeningly, this means that despite his nod to conventional homeownership, he remains a mystery. Over the years, whether in Los Angeles, New York, or Paris, I've heard any number of frustrated media moguls, politicians, economists, philanthropists, architects, artists, and journalists try to engage him, and it always boils down to: Who is he?"He is very unusual, very unpredictable," says British financier Lord Jacob Rothschild, who has known Berggruen all his life. There are no chattering employees, books, photographs, or music. Only the bed is unusual, due to its collection of very old stuffed toys.More than a decade ago, a young Forbes reporter, Natasha Bacigalupo, started dating billionaire publishing scion Dirk Ziff. Especially for those who haven’t started dating their tycoon yet.

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