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She rubbed his back as she kissed his neck feeling his cock throbbing as it squirted the last few remaining drops of cum inside her pussy.

Matt had collapsed onto her body as he caught his breath.

Matt started to laugh as she quickly grabbed her thong and bra off the floor and started to stamp her feet on her way into the bathroom. "He probably has dreams about how hot you would be in bed." Darla stopped combing her hair and turned around facing Matt who was taking a pee and replied in a loud whisper. You know if might hear what your saying so shut up and just forget about it." Matt's pee was splashing in the toilet as he continued to laugh.

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Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. Matt walked out into the bedroom and sat on the bed while slipping on his underwear.

Darla was seated on a lounger with her legs pulled back against her chest.

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Matt held her waist very tight as he felt her body violently jerk.

Darla gasped out loud and tried to speak at the height of her orgasm but only a few sounds escaped her lips as her whole body trembled.

"I've never felt you this tight." Darla didn't reply. She was squeezing them in her hands while tweaking her nipples between her fingers and thumbs. She rode him hard as she moaned and groaned above him. He loved her belly button and they way her belly had a tiny slight curvy bulge making it just sexy enough to his liking.

All she did was keep her mouth wide open as she moaned and squeezed her own breasts while Matt held onto her waist as tight as he could to keep her from falling backward. Her pussy was shaved smooth and bald the way he liked it.

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