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It was toppled thanks to the huge courage of Suu Kyi, who led Myanmar to free elections two years ago.

During the past few days, I have spoken to numerous survivors of the savage — and brutally calculated — onslaught unleashed by Myanmar's largely Buddhist army on its minority Muslim population.

But none of these compared with the widespread or systematic killing that is happening in Myanmar.

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True, these attacks took place, but were easily repulsed.

They certainly do not justify attacking hundreds of thousands of defenceless Rohingya villagers over recent weeks.

These traumatised refugees describe how the Myanmar army burnt their homes.

They recount stories of an orgy of killing and rape and of mass graves.

Shamefully, it is being presided over by Aung San Suu Kyi, the Oxford-educated leader of Myanmar who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991 in recognition of her lifelong battle for freedom.

Even more disturbing, world leaders are doing nothing to stop it.

Myanmar is a former British colony which got independence in 1948 and is the world's 40th largest nation, sharing borders with India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Laos.

In 1962, the country fell under the control of a brutal military dictatorship.

In a hideous twist, they also relate how their military persecutors were egged on by Buddhist monks, betraying their principles of not harming any living thing by savagely trying to wipe out their religious rivals.

Though the oppression of the Rohingya has gone on for two decades, the latest outburst of mass killing was sparked on August 25, when a terrorist group claiming to represent the Rohingya struck at Myanmar security posts.

So was the horrific slaughter of several thousands of Yazidis in Iraq by Islamic State three years ago.

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