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As inconsequential as this may seem, there might be some signs there that he’s a great guy to snatch up or there might be some warning signs.

This is a practical question as much as an insightful one because you don’t want to show up at his place and find any surprises.

Be careful, because if it goes wrong you might end up putting your date off the whole idea.

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The difficulty of this mainly stems from our inability to see our partners flaws during the emotionally charged honeymoon phase we all experience during the first few months of dating.

Well, these questions to ask a guy during the first month of dating can definitely help you see through the initial blindness your new relationship might be causing. Did he spend his time working on a side business he’s building?

These questions are designed to help you figure out if you want to invest more time in the relationship, or even if you want to take the relationship to the next level. This question can also give you some serious insights into how your man likes to spend his free time.

Here are 17 good questions to ask a guy in your first month of dating… If you continue in this relationship, chances are, how he spends his free time will become an issue if you don’t like it This question isn’t too forward or unexpected.

Ask this question and be prepared to have to answer it yourself. But what you’re really trying to gauge is how he handles himself when things don’t go his way.

A good icebreaker, this question can set up other date ideas. What a person chooses to do with that limited phone space can be very telling.With this question you can learn about where your guy has been, and why. Does he have family living overseas that he goes to visit? This question can uncover a lot about how your time together will likely be spent in the future. If he says his role model is Birdman or Al Capone you should probably think twice about pursuing a serious relationship with him lol.On the other hand, if he says a family member, a businessman, or someone that’s honorable and at the top of their professional field, he’s probably got his priorities in the right place. You can use this question to make sure you aren’t one.Using the right funny questions can help you steer them into important topics, without making them uncomfortable. In this article we will look at the use of humor in dating and give you some good funny dating questions.Hopefully they will help you put a smile on your date's face.You can talk about your favorite teams and who deserves to be in the all-star game. If he’s not religious, he shouldn’t hide that fact either.

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