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The reason your relationship with God matters is because marriage is eternal, but it is only is eternal if we keep our covenants and marriage is a three-way covenant with God. Therefore finding someone who has the same priorities of first God, second spouse, is vital to a happy marriage. ” “Am I the type of person my spouse is looking for? ” Set goals for self-improvement and focus on becoming a man/woman of God.

I once heard it said, Run as fast towards God as you can and if someone keeps up introduce yourself! Instead of becoming discouraged with dating and falling into the trap of becoming bitter at the opposite gender, focus on becoming. By focusing on becoming you will find less bitterness in waiting.

Your future wife/husband should always come before you. But remember, whereas your future spouse should be in front of you, never put them in front of God.

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Serve others, and be build His Kingdom, think about becoming a temple worker even! As it will develop experience and empathy into what guys go through.

As you set goals and work towards them, you will find life more enjoyable and the journey easier to walk. Hales Sister Paige Holland told us something interesting at a Valentine’s Day fireside at UVU last year. From the anxiety of asking, to the excitement of yes, and the defeat of a no.

She also said, “Go on dates, and if you are not getting asked out, do what you need to do, but go on dates.” She then added, “Don’t be afraid of blind dates! It is 100% ok for a girl to ask a guy on a date, but it is 100% not ok for the guy to expect girls to ask them. I can’t speak for ladies, but here is the deal about us guys.

We don’t read minds and we can’t really pick up on hints.

It is extremely easy to blame all of your dating problems on the opposite gender, but that leads to nothing but bitterness.

Instead, of saying “If only girls did this” or “If only guys did that” each one of us can change dating!

We can each take the lead and change dating ourselves!

To borrow from the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi and adapt it Almost everyone has a list, some people write them down, others it’s only in their mind.

Take your list and put an E next to everything that is an eternal attribute or characteristic, then put a T next to everything that is not eternal. Or at least realize that the temporal things are only added perks.

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