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I headed to my car, needing to stop the wheel of my mind before I got all angsty again.

At the same time, she made me act like a God damn lunatic, and I wanted to be my perfectly level headed self again.

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" I had never met Alice's new friend, but I did know that she never shut the fuck up about her."Yeah, that's her.

I used to date frequently as well, but aside from one or two serious relationships, I was emotionally void.

Masen wiggled out of my arms and hopped on another desk, throwing his arms over Bella's shoulder.

Suddenly Masen hopped on the desk next to us with a loud thud, scaring the shit out of me.

Not that she complimented my nephew, but that I was jealous of a four year old kid!

Aw, this girl was making me bat shit fucking crazy."Wow, you're lucky buddy, I'm sure she doesn't say that to just anyone." I smiled at my nephew before risking another glance at her.The soft blush in her cheeks would surely be the end of me.I had to leave before I made even more of an ass out of myself.Get used to it buddy, women chew you up and spit you out, sometimes without even realizing it.When my skin made contact with hers, my arm turned to jelly.I tried to retaliate before she kicked me out of the room and sheltered the kids from me.

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