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No matter where you go in America you are going to find Green Bay Packers fans. Los Angeles may seems like a strange place for fans of the Green and Gold to exist – but remember – the city hasn’t had its own NFL team in almost 20 years.

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A marketer should always stay focused for fads and other new trends in the marketplace, this can sometimes lead to innovative ways to advertise and reach a public segment.

Miller Lite’s “online dating” spoof ad helped relate to a wide audience that has now turned to online dating and is bombed with online dating ads on TV constantly.

I wanted to make one final commercial: Whatever became of the Swedish Bikini Team?

" If Scullin had had his way, football fans would've enjoyed the bikini-clad girls one last time, in a 60-second spot during Super Bowl XXVI in January 1992. "But the client walked away from it, and I can't say I blamed them." Scullin said the ads grew out of a focus group that felt Old Milwaukee was "a tired brand - your father's beer." Its ads were formulaic. We showed it can always get better." Baring lots of skin and wearing matching wigs, the buff, gyrating women magically appeared at campsites and beach parties to liven things up.

Whether the ad campaign actually encouraged the harassment was never established.

Today, the man behind the commercials said he has only one regret - that he was unable to give the team a fitting send-off.I couldn’t help to stumble upon the site “Stuff White People Like” currently under thing #131, Christian Lander outlines one by one what seem to be the biggest generalizations to be related to the white ethnicity in this country.From an outsider point of view, this seems funny to read, one becomes curious to not only read the subject but his analysis and how he links people to the specific thing or action."There would be a group of guys in an outdoor setting, doing manly things," said Scullin. It was a spoof of a classic male fantasy, one that hardly wondered what sport this "team" was playing."Then they'd crack open a beer and declare, 'It doesn't get any better than this.' "We had young guys watch the ads, and one says, 'If that's all the better life gets, that sucks.' That was the creative inspiration. The team members, all professional American models, grew so popular, they got guest spots on TV shows.The commercials were, of course, a complete farce, a parody of the T&A that dominated TV in the '80s. But they were abruptly canceled when a group of female employees at Stroh's, which brewed Old Milwaukee at the time, filed a lawsuit that charged the commercials encouraged workplace harassment.

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