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“We have a very, very sweet life there,” Michelle Williams told PEOPLE in 2005.

“The thing I hope the most is that it stays the way it is.” That sweet life is gone now—replaced by mourners and paparazzi crowding the sidewalk outside the place they once called home.

“You can’t even imagine what Michelle is going through … “It’s one thing to lose someone so close to her, but the fact that she lost Matilda’s father is crushing.

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With young men, the discussions are about taking initiative, engaging others with wisdom and grace, planning and providing.

The Word of God has authority for our lives and we should help our teens learn to read the bible, pray, and journal.

Williams tore a ligament in her knee, an injury Ledger blamed on himself.

After that, “their love just blossomed,” says one source.

Passport2Identity covers this question for both the guys and girls.

This program talks about holy beauty, the heart of a helper, how to heavenly focus, and being a life giver.There, Williams, 27, was comforted by her mother, Carla, and other supporters, who tried to shield her from photographers and shuttled in deliveries of food. 28 Williams joined Ledger’s family, in from Australia, and his former girlfriend, the actress Naomi Watts, at a private memorial service in Los Angeles.The service was a prelude to Ledger’s funeral, set for early February in his native Perth.ESPN star Jemele Hill says the way Jamie Foxx shut down a live "Sports Center" interview over a Katie Holmes question was bizarre ... Hill's good friend and former "The Six" co-host Michael Smith was the one asking the Katie Holmes question Friday when Foxx stopped the interview and walked off.Hill says she and Smith both respect Foxx a lot -- but in this particular instance, "I thought he unnecessarily made Mike look bad." "I thought it was kind of bizarre why he acted that way ...They are just a few people who help them grow into the person they are. Make sure dating relationships are based on a relationship with Christ. Video games, pornography, addictions, the desire to fit in, obsession over guys, alcohol, self harm, and social media are just a few derailers. She currently runs two podcasts for moms, blogs, writes music, and spends lots of time at coffee shops.

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