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Speaking exclusively to uk, he describes his ideal woman as ‘kind, has a good heart, compassionate, likes to travel and naughty in bed.’ Compose yourselves ladies.

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“I think the latest was Justin Bieber, and how old is he -- 16? It gets pretty ridiculous after a while.” Kim had responded to my question about rumors of new dates with Dallas Cowboy star Miles Austin.

She didn’t deny it directly, but I got the distinct impression from her that it’s ether another name to toss away or it’s too early to tell where it’s going.

) MATT GOSS Meantime, Matt Goss was the handsome, blue-eyed, tuxedo-clad hunk all the ladies wanted to meet at the party.

The cameras went into overdrive when he and his producer Robin Antin, founder of Pussycat Dolls, squeezed into a booth with the Kardashians.

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He looked at me with those bright blue eyes sparkling and chuckled as only he can.

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