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Speaking exclusively to uk, he describes his ideal woman as ‘kind, has a good heart, compassionate, likes to travel and naughty in bed.’ Compose yourselves ladies.

But do note that it is not possible to be certain of a person's genealogy without a family's cooperation (and/or DNA testing).

The sound of hearts breaking can still be heard reverberating following George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s wedding over the weekend, but fear not singletons, for there’s still one very eligible bachelor and he’s on the lookout for ‘the one’. The former Bros singer-turned hottest ticket in Las Vegas, celebrates his birthday today and top of his wishlist is a potential wife – could that be you?

He looked at me with those bright blue eyes sparkling and chuckled as only he can.

“It’s time to say goodbye to Cleopatra and make it all a proper Gossy Lounge,” I told him. “We got off to a little bit of a rocky start here in Las Vegas. We’ve just about got the show at Caesars where we want it in every respect.

) MATT GOSS Meantime, Matt Goss was the handsome, blue-eyed, tuxedo-clad hunk all the ladies wanted to meet at the party.

The cameras went into overdrive when he and his producer Robin Antin, founder of Pussycat Dolls, squeezed into a booth with the Kardashians.Matt told me that in about two months -- or less -- he’ll let me in on all the changes he’s hoping to put into place at his home in Caesars Palace now that his contract has been renewed for three more years.For starters, the piano is back onstage so he can play to the crowds.“Dating Zayn didn’t put me off being with someone in the public eye,” she reveals.“I believe in fate – that there is the right person out there for you whoever he may be.“I’m ridiculously romantic and I still believe in love. He admitted that he was already in a relationship with someone else.She already had two children (Lillie May, now 11, and Karl Jnr, now nine) from another relationship.“I went through a really hard time and I’m not going to sugar coat it,” she says.“I could easily have lied and said the album was all about female empowerment.Now that we’re home in the room, just hold on for a little bit longer and we’ll add in the new elements -- and boy you are going to be so happy.” Follow Robin Leach on Twitter at

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