Matriarchal dating sites dating single tip woman

There are many product choices and their quality ranges from functional to artful.The term “keyholder” is popular, even among the dabblers, too. That male seed retention has increased in popularity—even if a “diversionary fetish”—puts a smile on My face.

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An industry can only be as successful as the demand for it, and it’s very telling considering how popular these items have become.

As I’ve expressed in previous threads, though I highly promote and enforce seed retention and the male discipline that inevitably goes along with it, I’m more of a shock device kinda gal, and for that reason I have made makeshift zappers from canine shock collars.

He had not done anything special to warrant such treatment actually, except for the fact he was suffering from extended chastity.

I ordered him to ingest the most revolting food, and the mere thought of him suffering amused Me.

You can now find customized shock products specifically for male discipline through the use of a bracelet remote with options.

Unfortunately, males don’t come out of the box already trained to do dishes, clean toilets, scrub floors, do laundry, vacuum and generally work their asses off for you with , and even the most well intentioned men often need a little incentive to have the pep we Women are really looking for.

What’s a slave for if not to stimulate the vindictiveness of his Mistress?

And his pathetic attempts to swallow the increasingly nauseating mess I was handing him only served to excite My ferocity.

These buds are more dangerous than the ones we used in the 90’s because they are smaller and require you to rev up the volume to block out background noise.

And if you’re a metal head, or any type of concert goer, use ear plugs.

This personal post is to hopefully help the guys out there who are contemplating slavery.

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