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I'm supposed to magically know how much to pay, where to send it, etc.?I asked this, so he said 'well you should have looked at your statement online.' Fair enough, lets get this taken care of right now, I have perfect credit and don't want to ruin it.I asked him the address they were sending the card to, and apparently someone put the wrong one in. I gave him my new address and he said he would sent out the bill.

Citicard - GONE Circuit City - GONE Goodyear - GONE Men's Wearhouse - GONE MBNA - GONE Discovercard - GONE Home Depot - GONE To all you credit cards out there, your in-store offers may be enticing. Your rude customer service, over the top interest rates, exorbitant late and over limit fees, your idiotic reasoning.

I urge all of you NEVER to get another credit card.

I log on while still on the phone and try to register to see my account online. Lets just say I have never shouted louder at someone in my life.

Since I never got my card, "What is my account number? I won't be doing business with Citi anymore in the future.

Most of us know that there ain’t no Santa Claus, especially on the internet.

However, there are numerous 100% free sites on the internet.

That prevents people from creating multiple accounts to do things like game a system, gain unfair access, or apply unfair weight in whatever that system is doing.

I’ve also seen scenarios where sites use credit cards to validate age.

Make sure you understand what it’s telling you before you provide any information.

And of course, remember to explicitly cancel the service after the free trial period is over unless you really to want to continue and pay.

I signed up for a Home Depot Credit Card run by Citigroup for the promotional off your first purchase.

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