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Eastern’s Jack Winsett blocked one shot and then with just 0.4 seconds remaining, East missed a desperation final attempt.

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Sometimes the hero is somebody that you recognize or that touches your heart,” Ortiz, who called the show “groundbreaking television,” told Fox News Latino.

“We’re really trying to address issues.” The controversial show saw modest ratings for its series premiere.

The network canceled the series after just a few episodes.

A rep for Longoria did not respond to a request for further comment, and Lifetime decline to comment.

Marc Narducci has been covering sports for the Inquirer and Daily News since 1983.

He has covered everything from South Jersey high schools to all the professional teams.

The Vikings have played three relatively close games with East with a similar favorable result, but the coach didn’t seem to enjoy the experience.

“It’s like the third time going to the dentist,” Crawford said after Tuesday’s 58-56 win over the Cougars in an opening South Jersey Group 4 playoff game.

She said she was initially offended when she first heard about the series, but had a change-of-heart after reading the script. because she’s a maid, she doesn’t deserve to have her story told.

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