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If the California Department of Public Health decides to add other vaccination requirements, parents will be allowed to obtain personal belief exemptions for those new vaccinations.The law eliminated the personal belief exemption for required vaccinations.

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Whatever systems districts are currently using remain in place.

If students are entering the public school system as transitional kindergartners, these conditional immunization rules apply to them as well. 1, 2016 held personal belief exemptions to vaccinations are not subject to the new law until they reach their next vaccination checkpoint.

The law defines these checkpoints as “grade spans,” as follows: For example, a 6th grade student with a personal belief exemption in December 2015 will still have to comply with vaccination requirements upon entering 7th grade, which is a vaccination checkpoint.

If a child has been exposed to one of the 10 diseases named in the immunization requirements and does not have proof of immunization, the child temporarily may be kept out of school.

Studies have linked clusters of unimmunized children to outbreaks of measles, pertussis and varicella.

Diseases such as polio remain active in other countries.

What about children who currently have personal belief exemptions on file?

Will kindergartners be allowed to enroll “conditionally” if they have not yet completed the required vaccinations?

What are the options for parents who do not want to have their children vaccinated? The era of new “personal belief exemptions” to vaccinations has ended in California and parents who once declined to vaccinate their children attending school are making their choices: vaccinate, enroll in home-school/independent study, seek a medical exemption or qualify their children for special education services regardless of vaccination status.

California’s new vaccination law, which often is called by its legislative title Senate Bill 277, amended the California Health and Safety Code and took effect July 1, 2016.

What vaccinations are required of unvaccinated students before entering 7th grade?

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