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Her illness contributed to significant outbreaks across both states.More recently, in 2005, a measles outbreak occurred among members of a religious community that opposed vaccination in Indiana, when an unvaccinated teenager returned ill from a trip overseas and infected others at a church gathering.

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Responding to a question on The Today Show about her criticism of Texas governor Rick Perry, who issued an executive order mandating the HPV vaccination for preteen girls in his state, Bachmann cited an incident in which a Tampa woman apparently confided that her daughter had suffered mental retardation after getting the HPV vaccine.

The American Association of Pediatrics quickly refuted Bachmann’s implication, stating that there was “absolutely no scientific validity” to her claim, and Bachmann herself admitted in a Fox News interview that she had “no idea” if there was a causal link between the HPV vaccine and mental retardation.

It asserts, however, that its members should seek alternatives, when available, to vaccines that are made using cell lines derived from aborted fetuses.

Although adults and children with these exemptions comprise a small part of the overall population, they are often the center of controversy and media attention.

Because of these outbreaks and the increasing number of religious vaccine exemptions, the CDC and other medical and public health officials warn parents that unvaccinated children are at a higher risk for acquiring vaccine preventable infections.

Suspicion and apprehension about vaccination is fairly common, particularly among several specific disenfranchised communities in the United States and internationally.Religious and political objections by Muslim fundamentalists have driven suspicions about the polio vaccine in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.For example, the local Taliban in Southern Afghanistan have called polio vaccination an American ploy to sterilize Muslim populations and an attempt to avert Allah’s will.In the case of vaccination, mandates sacrifice individual autonomy to protect communities from disease. Thus, individuals want to exercise their right to protect themselves and/or their children if they do not accept existing medical evidence about the relative safety of vaccines, or if their ideological beliefs do not support vaccination.Unvaccinated individuals pose risks to children or people with medical contraindications who can’t be vaccinated, as well as vaccinated individuals (vaccines are not 100% effective). Good public health policies balance both individual rights and community needs.An alarming proportion of the American public is misinformed about its health care choices, and consequently, bases important decisions on emotional factors derived from cultural tensions agitated by barely-evinced statements like Bachmann’s—and this is the real danger. S., 44 percent of women in the 20-24 age group have been infected with HPV.

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