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In 1994, a measles outbreak occurred in a Christian Science community that objected to vaccination.

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Responding to a question on The Today Show about her criticism of Texas governor Rick Perry, who issued an executive order mandating the HPV vaccination for preteen girls in his state, Bachmann cited an incident in which a Tampa woman apparently confided that her daughter had suffered mental retardation after getting the HPV vaccine.

The American Association of Pediatrics quickly refuted Bachmann’s implication, stating that there was “absolutely no scientific validity” to her claim, and Bachmann herself admitted in a Fox News interview that she had “no idea” if there was a causal link between the HPV vaccine and mental retardation.

In the case of vaccination, mandates sacrifice individual autonomy to protect communities from disease. Thus, individuals want to exercise their right to protect themselves and/or their children if they do not accept existing medical evidence about the relative safety of vaccines, or if their ideological beliefs do not support vaccination.

Unvaccinated individuals pose risks to children or people with medical contraindications who can’t be vaccinated, as well as vaccinated individuals (vaccines are not 100% effective). Good public health policies balance both individual rights and community needs.

Divergent cultural perspectives and opinions toward vaccination, including libertarian and religious objections, as well as vaccine suspicions, signal the need for continued communication and collaboration between medical and public health officials and the public regarding acceptable and effective immunization policies.

Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann drew ire last week when she stated that the human papillomavirus vaccine “could potentially be a very dangerous drug” with serious side effects.

Nonetheless, the inflammatory comments prompted public health figures to speculate that already-dismal HPV vaccination rates in the U. may decrease further due to the negative publicity, with one expert estimating that the vaccination rate will decline for the next three years due to this single incident.

Political fear mongering about important health issues is never warranted, but the potential effect of Bachmann’s statements reflects a greater complication in the public health sector.

He speculated that the virus that causes AIDS transitioned from monkeys to humans via a polio vaccine.

He argued that the polio vaccine was made from the cells of chimpanzees infected with the primate form of HIV (Simian immunodeficiency virus, or SIV), which adapted in humans and caused disease; and that there were coincidences in the sites where the polio vaccine was first administered and where the first cases of HIV originated.

It asserts, however, that its members should seek alternatives, when available, to vaccines that are made using cell lines derived from aborted fetuses.

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