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Nevertheless, this assistance is important for the chief executive officer, senior and executive vice presidents, and the board of directors to monitor the performance of the company, assess the business environment, and develop strategic directions for the future.In particular, these executives need to compare their organization’s performance with that of its competitors and investigate general economic trends in regions or countries.They behave as if they barely know each other when we’re in the office, but I’ve spotted them off campus more than once now (they don’t know this) and their behavior/body language clearly says “We’re dating.” I’ve followed suit and also kept my mouth shut.

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Chloe told me Jack and Audrey have let both of their respective managers and HR know they are dating each other, but apparently they don’t want anyone else involved on my project knowing this.

Unlike these other couples, they’ve never said a word to anyone on our team.

I found out a while ago that my manager, “Jack,” is dating one of the contractors, “Audrey.” He didn’t tell me himself.

I had lunch more than a year ago with someone who works on another team, “Chloe,” who also interacts with Audrey for another project, and she told me they were dating.

By supplying different product prices to the model, the manager can compare predicted results and select the most profitable selling price.

The primary objective of Data mining aims to discover significant patterns, such as sequences (buying a new house, followed by a new dinner table), clusters, and correlations (large families and van sales), with which decisions can be made.

Predictive analytics attempts to forecast future outcomes based on the discovered trends.

Data-driven decision support systems include a variety of statistical models and may rely on various artificial intelligence techniques, such as expert systems, neural networks, and machine learning.

Executive information systems make a variety of critical information readily available in a highly summarized and convenient form, typically via a graphical digital dashboard.

Senior managers characteristically employ many informal sources of information, however, so that formal, computerized information systems are only of partial assistance.

An important variety of decision support systems enables a group of decision makers to work together without necessarily being in the same place at the same time.

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