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Here's a rundown on all of your options: This is by far the most common and popular form of business in the United States - mostly because it's easy to start and manage.

Each state has particular rules for corporations, but in general you'll need to register a company to be considered a corporation.

Once you're registered, corporations will need to pay local, state, and federal taxes that are filed separately from its shareholders.

The sole proprietorship can evolve into another business type later, but is the fastest and easiest way to start.

Note though, that taxes do need to be filed under the individual owning the sole proprietorship.

Also, once the business grows to more than one person, it can no longer be a sole proprietorship.

A lot of people don't know what an LLC is, or how to get an LLC.

Many new online business owners aren't sure if they should incorporate, what their business structure options are, what incorporation might mean for the business, or even what they need to do to form a company.

This guide is a 'company formation 101' and will explain the benefits and disadvantages of incorporating, lay out the various options you have to officially form a business in the United States, and give you a few easy first steps.

In some jurisdictions when a member leaves the LLC, that LLC is dissolved.

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