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Many first wives, it is often argued, have few or no sexual relations with their husband by the time of his second marriage.

Having regular sexual relations is often cited as a reason why men marry a new wife, even by first wives themselves.

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Malay women’s sexual desires are furthermore considered to diminish with age, so if a woman gets divorced or widowed she may not remarry, the implication being that if she does not need sex she does not need to remarry.

Managing women’s sexuality as part of polygamous marriage may hence be considered appropriate: Women who are able to suppress their desires may consent to their husband marrying another wife, in order to satisfy his longing for more than they alone could give.

For a Malay Muslim woman, premarital sex is considered completely unacceptable, bringing shame to the woman herself and her entire family.

Parents who are otherwise liberal in religious matters tend to be strict regarding daughters’ physical intimacy before marriage, and enforce stringent measures to avoid exposing them to “risks.” Women hence cannot have sex, let alone live with boyfriends before marriage for religious and cultural reasons, as they could be arrested for – close proximity.

Malays technically practice polygyny – a plural marriage in which a man is permitted more than one wife at a time.

In Malaysia, the right to polygamy is based on Islam, which conditionally allows a Muslim man to marry up to four wives.The analysis revealed that the magazine reinforces hegemonic masculine ideals, in particular, through romantic heterosexual relationships.The male's voice is dominant in shaping the behaviours of the females while the females are found to be overtly active in ensuring the progression of the romantic relationship.Influenced by global Islamic resurgence, Malay women’s sexuality has become more contentious, as Islamic discourse represents women’s active sexuality as a disruptive potential that needs to be controlled.Contemporary understandings and practices of Islam limit Malay women’s control over their own bodies, as sexuality increasingly becomes tied to women’s responsibility of motherhood and notions of chastity and purity associated with it.There are, of course, numerous Malay women who find sex important and fulfilling in marriage, yet a dominant cultural narrative is that Malay women should be sexually submissive, inside as well as outside marriage.

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