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It seems as if Vodacom is leading in the telemetry broadband industry as it increases its focus on this opportunity.The company, which is owned by British mobile phone giant Vodafone, owns an interest in XLINK Communications, a provider of credit card communication technology.Scaling up does not require any change: Everyware Cloud will scale accordingly to provide you with the performance and capacity you need.

Eurotech M2M/Io T platform is a combination of hardware, firmware, operating systems, programming frameworks that dramatically accelerate the time to market of M2M / Io T projects and enable customers to layer their added-value components on a reliable read-to-use infrastructure.

One of the most important aspects of the "Internet of Things" (Io T) vision is that smart objects communicate effectively with each other and with applications residing in data centers or the cloud.

ESF is Eurotech's Everyware Software Framework, a programming environment that wraps the complexity of low level device management with high level constructs.

This approach permits simpler and faster programming, with shorter, easier to read code and transparent portability across different hardware platforms.

This development also allows both mobile operators to diversify their revenue streams.

M2M allows a variety of devices and machines – including utility meters, vehicle sensors, and point of sales terminals, security devices, consumer electronics and many more – to talk to each other.

Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (Io T) projects follow a common technological paradigm: intelligent devices, seamlessly connected to the Internet, enable remote services and provide actionable data.

From Eurotech's point of view, the Io T acronym is more adopted in the consumer space while M2M has a stronger industrial connotation.

As an alternative revenue stream for mobile operators, the size of the M2M market will increasingly come under scrutiny.

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