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Valery tells Angelika to stay in the car while he gets the alcohol.

However, instead of returning directly to the car, he gets drunk senseless with the moonshiner, Alexey.

Gruz 200) is a Russian thriller film from 2007 by Aleksei Balabanov depicting the late Soviet society.

The stranger, who turns out to be a police officer Captain Zhurov (Aleksei Poluyan), enters the barn and takes away the gun.

When Sunka tries to defend the girl, Zhurov murders him, then rapes the girl with a bottle (it appears that he himself is impotent).

The movie's title Cargo 200 refers to the zinc coffins in which dead Soviet soldiers were shipped home.

Artemy (Leonid Gromov), professor of Scientific Atheism at the Leningrad State University, is visiting his brother in a small town.

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