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Angelika, waiting in the car, notices that she is being watched by a strange man.

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In the morning he handcuffs her, taking her to his flat in Leninsk, and keeps the girl handcuffed to a bedframe in his bedroom, watched over by his deranged alcoholic mother, while he brings local small-time criminals in to rape her, killing one after he fails to "please" the girl.

The girl threatens that her fiancé, who is an army paratrooper, will save her.

Alexey the moonshiner is arrested for the killing of his Sunka.

Captain Zhurov visits Alexey in his cell and convinces him to take the blame for the crime in return for some unexplained earlier favors.

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There he meets Valery (Leonid Bichevin), a young man who is dating his niece and has come to take her to a party.

On the way back from Leninsk to Leningrad Artemy's car breaks down and he goes into an isolated farmhouse to get help.

Being too drunk, he prefers to return to his brother.

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