Love 90 days deadly dating patterns

This is a numbers game so sort through the men quickly, with minimal emotional reactivity in order to meet the good prospects.

The key is to lower your expectations because many of the men will simply disappear, as they are also sorting quickly.

But although some exaggerations are typical—that’s still means that 80% of the guys are not lying!

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After 25 years of helping thousands directly and through teaching other therapists, I learned how to help women find real, loving relationships in faster and faster ways.

I even created a reality TV pilot, Dating and relationships are not any different.

I discovered the definite rules, strategies, and personal growth lessons that put people on the path to healing, that transform low self esteem, intimacy or abandonment issues into empowerment and in so doing, create the freedom to love and be loved.

These principles were the beginnings of the Thankfully I used them to get out of my deadly dating patterns and marry Sam, my rock, my love. I taught these powerful dating strategies to professionals at my clinic, the Institute for Comprehensive Family Therapy, and all over the world.

And my dad, a Sicilian immigrant who only valued boys, was not very interested in me, his fifth daughter.

When I started dating it wasn’t pretty; I found myself caught in a web of Deadly Dating Patterns.

Using these techniques, my Love in 90 Days students have had as many as 200 guys to choose from.

They have met music stars, writers, and millionaires online.

You date three guys at the same time, and no sex with any of them (kissing and canoodling are OK! The Dating Program of Three protects you from becoming infatuated and falling too fast and too hard for the wrong guy.

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