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A Tinder spokesperson said that Tinder doesn’t allow automated scraping of its API, and that they “contacted the developer to inform them that the app is violating our terms, and we have been told that they will address the issue.” Ahrens would not confirm that Tinder asked his company to stop using its API, but said, “we’ve been having very a productive conversation with them.”A rep from Plenty of Fish (Tinder, Match, and Plenty of Fish are all owned by the same parent company, but operate separately) said that it was trying to get removed from the i Tunes app store. Ahrens and his business partner say that is acting in an affiliate capacity and compared it to the innovation of airfare booking sites.

“Priceline and Expedia freaked out airlines at first,” Ahrens said. When they did 'name your own price,' our users are doing 'name your own face.'”Right now, the future of seems unclear.

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‘Improving our understanding of the craniofacial features of regional groups can help us learn more from skeletal remains, or even help us identify an individual based on his or her remains,’ she said.

Being able to carry this out is particularly important when an incomplete skeleton is found, she added.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that couples which sidestep their individuality and become One Combined Being are the most irritating people at every cocktail party.

The same goes for when we tested out photos of ourselves in the Buzz Feed office: The matches weren’t dead ringers, but there was some vague approximation of uncanny similarity.

I tested two different photos of myself making different expressions in different light, and both times it picked the same 35-year-old woman from Long Island who does kinda look like me as one of my top matches.

While there’s plenty of science to what kinds of ratios of faces we find “beautiful,” this app shows the shortcomings of actually applying these metrics to human desire.

If you want to date someone who looks like Jennifer Lopez, it’s because she’s insanely gorgeous in a way that’s more than just the ratio of distance between her nose and ears or the spacing of her eyes.

The app’s facial recognition technology works pretty well – well enough that when you try one of the suggested celebrities like Kanye West or Jennifer Lawrence, the first few matches are inevitably the same celeb (some people use celeb pics on their dating profiles, apparently).

And while the rest may not look EXACTLY like the celebrity, they’re also…not totally wrong.

When Reggie Bush was caught dating Melissa Molinaro, her resemblance to Reggie's famous ex was duly noted.

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