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Feng Fan, a Chinese woman who spent three years in Russia, feels "it is more typical to see the intermarriage combination formula of a male from a developed country with a female from a less developed one." She suggests that China's economic boom in recent decades makes many Chinese women less willing to marry Russian men.Besides, Feng said China's limited contact with Russia results in some stereotypes that Chinese women hold against Russian men.A keyword search for "China-Russia transnational marriage" on Baidu, the leading searching engine in China, shows various dating agencies providing massive opportunities for "Chinese rich single men" to find their "perfect transnational marriage," as read on a web advertisement by the agent.

Due to the relatively slow economic development here, the willingness of the girls to marry abroad is stronger than elsewhere, because they appreciate Chinese men's merits, such as being considerate and family-oriented," the agent said.

More than a normal transnational dating tour, the agent has enriched the process of the "international marriage fair" with extras ranging from introducing bilateral intermarriage history to offering training sessions for Chinese and Russian etiquette to attendees.

The men, from relatively developed areas of China, traveled many hours to join this cross-border transnational blind date organized by a matchmaking service.

Here they will meet Russian women with whom they have previously chatted online, usually assisted by a translator.

"But those from the capital or other first-tier cities with a better education background or financial capability prefer European men, either because of a higher level of culture commonality or closer geographical proximity," she added.

Such priority applies equally to Chinese women who are willing to marry foreigners.Golden Marriage recently started a "Sino-Russian Transnational Marriage Fair" in Vladivostok."The Russians living here have a lot of contact with the Chinese."We usually send our Chinese clients to small Russian cities in the far eastern area, because it is economically less developed.Girls from these communities are more open to marrying a foreigner for better financial security," Tatyana explained.In her experience, Chinese overseas students in Russia remain a very small group compared with cohorts surging in Western countries.

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