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So is there any alternative we can use to integrate into our website? Hi, I can't really answer this so will offer some ideas.

Are you just looking for chat api to imbed in your webpage but not like the public chat where anyone can come? Some have free versions with extras for the pro versions Google Talk There is a free version and a premium version Tokbox AJAX Chat - Open Source Web Chat Oovoo

pname=Features Video Chat Room Theres some good ones here Top 10 Free Online Video Chat Rooms A list of 50 sites similar to: looking for a videochat room for my site, if it can be embedded it would be great, but if it just a link outside like userplane, its okay too.

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Leveraging Macromedia’s robust Flash Communication Server technology, Web Chat enables community, dating, corporate and collaborative websites to rapidly deploy a scalable, centrally-hosted a/v chat room for their users.

The App is easily and seamlessly integrated with existing user databases, login systems, and buddy lists through fast and simple XML and any web scripting language: PHP, . The new v Plus version now includes the Live Video/Audio solution and is configured via the Admin Control Panel.

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Make sure you have allow Script Access set to "always" and that the js events are being called on the same page the user is on." I checked all files that make up the website, particularly the directories for userplane and there is no place where allow Script Access is mentioned.

Further information: "allowscriptaccess is the flash param loaded on the page where the webchat/webmessenger/webrecorder swf is loaded." Well, there is none and I will attach a code to this posting.

It does however require a free or paid subscription from User Plane Web Messenger is the next generation of instant messaging software: beyond text messaging, Web Messenger provides rich, web-based, multi-lingual, text and streaming audio/video communication for any website.

Leveraging Macromedia’s robust Flash Communication Server technology, Web Messenger enables community, dating, corporate and collaborative websites to rapidly deploy state-of-the-art text and a/v communication for their users. Please note there is a setup charge applied by userplane for all new accounts.

It has launched my site to a new level and I have been self-employed full time the past 3 1/2 years." Read more...

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