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Once an account is made and profile set with email address, you are ready to stream yourself live over the app.The style looks and has the feel of an Instagram or other photo sharing style apps.

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You can follow other people and be notified when they start a live stream.

Once a live stream is started you can hear and see whatever they are streaming and are able to make comments, and share stickers at the bottom of the screen.

This app is however intended for adult use but with the growth of this style of live steaming style apps, I encourage you as parents to make sure what your children are streaming and why.

You can look at your child’s account inside either by following them with an account of your own or by seeing on their device they intend to stream from.

Remind your kids that once they put something out on an app or the internet, it is gone forever.

(Scribner).#Bookmark This is a series of live video chats with best-selling authors, and fans can submit questions.

We started seeing a turn when it comes to broadcasting where a lot of tv reports are now streaming all their media live on several different streaming platforms.

As for Live me, it appears from the advertisements attempting to market to younger adults but it does have a 17 plus rating in the description of app in App Store.

Most importantly for this app or any live streaming app, monitor who they are following or who is following them.

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