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She also claims that, after signing off on her consent to be filmed, she changed her mind when producers began asking her probing questions about her family.

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, which focuses on her ex-fiancé, porn agent and Hussie Models owner Riley Reynolds.

The episode shows Paige and Reynolds getting tested for HIV together, visiting a butterfly sanctuary, and playing pool.

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An honest, thoughtful response to criticism from porn actors and sex workers producers might have acknowledged the very real threats that adult performers face when their privacy or personas are compromised.

Nonfiction depictions of stigmatized labor like sex work demand heightened standards of consent and privacy protections; there is no compelling reason to defy a supporting subject’s request or right to privacy, even on legal grounds, when she may lose work or be victimized by stalkers and abusers as a result.

Many performers face daily threats of harassment and violence from over-zealous fans and stalkers, and many are stigmatized for the work they do by families and communities.

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