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'Thank you for the flowers but I would appreciate it if you didn't do that again.'Another to him said: 'You're being too full on - I've only met you once and I was your patient!'Uzoh was not at the tribunal but he filed a written submission claiming his intentions towards the woman were 'noble.'He added: 'My intention was not to prey on the patient or the patient's vulnerability.

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Within 30 minutes of the appointment finishing, he texted her saying: 'Sorry for this text message but I saw you and liked you and thought we could go on a date on the future.'I am single and looking for a serious relationship and not intending to mess about.'He also left the patient a voice mail saying he wanted to 'hear her voice before he went to work'.

Dr Uzoh later sent her another text saying: 'I've been feeling like a schoolboy meeting a girl he fancied for the first time.

The incidents began between March and May last year when the woman was booked in for an appointment with Uzoh after complaining of abdominal pain.

The woman - known as Patient A - told the hearing: 'I was really shocked to get that initial message from him because I trusted him as a doctor.

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'I remember I was doing my make up and getting ready for work and I saw that he was calling but I didn't want to pick up.

He left a message saying: 'Hi, I just wanted to hear your voice before I start my day'.'Everyday I looked at my phone there was something from him whether it be a text message, missed call or a voicemail message.'As soon as I knew the flowers had been sent I knew that they would be from Dr Uzoh - there weren't many people who knew my address at the time.

The father of two has since quit the UK and is now working in Toronto, Canada.

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