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Kids tell him that today is Maya’s award ceremony and he had promised to attend it.

Avinash laughs and tell I am kidding I know and will be on time.

He asked if Robin knows that David Hasselhoff has a cruise you can go on.

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She was fresh out of drama school and working several jobs to pay rent when she got the call to audition for HBO’s new series .

None of the other children in South Park have displayed this kind of ability, meaning that she might be the best ice skater in the boys' class.

She’s most famous as Sansa Stark on HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Fay in Another Me and Adeline March in The Thirteenth Tale.

Maya goes to meet Akansha at her office, where she found that Akahansha is tensed due to some reason.

She asks her the reason, Akansha tells Chaitanya is writing an adult novel and I fought with him to stop it.

In the 15 December episode of Queens hai Hum serial, All the family member in Tanya’s house are eating breakfast.

She informs them that today Shona’s check up day and ask her mother in law to take her at the hospital.

Howard played another clip of David Hasselhoff talking about what they can do on the cruise.

It’s no coincidence that the creation story in Genesis builds in beauty and is crowned with the creation of Eve.

Maya tells Akansha don’t interrupt Chaitanya in his work as he also does not interfere with your work.

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